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Mad Tree Film Services has proudly operated our Berlin office since 2021

Located in the heart of the city, our office is strategically situated for easy access to European destinations such as Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt, Zurich and Prague.

We’re proud to partner with Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH of the Group, an iconic brand known around the world for its top-notch Hollywood productions filmed in Europe. We value their emphasis on investing in technology while taking on the challenge of green production. Their close cooperation with us speaks volumes about their trust and confidence in Mad Tree Film Services’ capabilities.

At our Berlin office, we provide a full range of cinematography services including pre-production support, broadcast live streaming services and video conferencing setups. We are well-equipped to operate remotely as well as on location for shoots across Europe.

Our talented team of technicians also specialize in creating virtual sets with LED screen technologies that provide digital backgrounds for commercial projects and other film projects requiring special effects or animation techniques.

We are committed to delivering quality services that capture your vision perfectly and make it come alive on screen. Our Berlin team will work closely with you from concept through completion to ensure your final project looks just how you envisioned it—and surpasses expectations!

Mad Tree
Berlin Studio

Berlin Studio Hall B6,
Bergholzstraße 1-4/Tor 3,
12099 Berlin, Germany