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Achieving great results

In our studios in Warsaw, Poznan and Berlin we regularly conduct tests with our clients.

Let's talk about Your project

Achieving great results in cinematography requires preparation.

We are always happy when filmmakers turn to us with a problem they don't know how to solve, or would like to test before going into shooting.
We advise in selectiing the most suitable gear for a project and provide rehearsals. This is how we make sure we meet the requirements of the director cameraman as well as the producer.

Mad Tree Film Service, also plays an advisory role in the development of cameras and shooting technology. We have officially conducted tests for companies such as Fuji Poland, Panasonic Poland, Exon, Dito Gear, Angenieux. We share the results of the tests with the film community on the pages of FILMPRO magazine.

Did you know that we perform many cinematographer tests free of charge? Due to the numerous trainings of the team and the constant desire to improve qualifications and educational programs, many of the tests for film productions, we carry out as part of our daily tasks. Tell us what you need and our team will make the effort to meet your requirements.