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About Us

High-end film technology solutions

Meet our team

Mad Tree has been providing high-end technology film solutions across Europe.

We rely exclusively on the products of leading industry companies such as Mark Roberts Motion Control and Vision Research in order to ensure the highest quality results for our clients.

Our company is proud of our ability to provide innovative R&D services to the film industry; we are passionate about enhancing the capabilities of cinema through dynamic advancements. As we bring years of expertise to our set experience, we also use that same knowledge and skill-set for research within the film industry.

Our company makes valuable contributions to the audiovisual advancements and trends at some of the most prestigious industry events in Europe. Every year we participate to some of the industry leading events such as Sunny Side of Doc, IDFA, Berlinale Film Festival, IBC Show Amsterdam and MIP TV Cannes.

Founded by students from a renowned film school in Lodz, Poland, in 2012, our company set out to revolutionize film production with high-speed video production technology; and it didn't take long for this pioneering vision to be put into action thanks to a investment of European funds.

Today, we operate from studios across Europe, while continuing where it all began - supporting aspiring filmmakers through lectures, workshops and graduation projects at prestigious European institutions

Maciej Thiem