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Poznan is a city on the map of Poland and Europe that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular hubs for film production

Located in west-central Poland, Poznan is a vibrant and modern city with a wealth of unique offerings that make it an ideal headquarters for **Mad Tree Film Service.**

What also sets Poznan apart from other cities across Poland and Europe is its qualified personnel. The city boasts some of the best talent in the industry with experienced directors and technical crewmembers who are able to bring any project to life. In addition, Poznan provides us with reliable support services such as studios, soundstages, lighting companies, rental houses, post-production facilities, and more.

Finally, when it comes to production companies in the region we could not be happier with our partnership with GPD Films – the largest production house in Poland – as well as En Studios – an extraordinary educational institution that provides courses in filmmaking – which allows us access to top-of-the-line technology and personnel so we can execute our projects flawlessly.

Overall, there are numerous benefits that come with having our headquarters located in Poznan including access to world-class equipment and personnel while still being able to remain competitively priced compared to other cities across Europe. With this combination of advantages at hand Mad Tree Film Services looks forward an exciting future here in Poznan.

Mad Tree Film Service makes access to our motion control services from Poznan City to the northern parts of Europe even easier. Our network allows customers from Sweden, Finland and Norway to access our services with ease. We offer a wide range of packages that are tailored for each customer’s needs, ensuring that their motion control project is completed in the most efficient and effective way. In addition, all of our services use the most up-to-date technology and equipment so that customers can be sure they are receiving the highest quality service possible.

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