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High speed cameras

High speed cameras in film production provides filmmakers with a new level of innovation and precision

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Super slow motion recording allows them to capture moments that occur too quickly for the human eye to see, giving viewers an entirely new perspective on everyday life.

With super slow motion filming, filmmakers can document fast-moving objects in remarkable detail, with speeds up to 2000 frames per second. This enables them to produce stunning visuals that can show even the smallest movements of a subject in precise detail. Additionally, super slow motion filming can bring out amazing light effects that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

Whether it’s bullet trajectories, water droplets, or turbulent airflows, super slow motion provides incredible insight into our complex world. The cinematographic possibilities are endless when using high speed cameras for super slow motion filming.

Mad tree film service specializes in renting phantom cameras, phantom miro series, and phantom flex, and motion control equipment. We also offer cameras from the Arri Alexa LF series, Sony Venice, Canon C-series, Red, full frame lenses: Angenieux EZ-1, EZ-2, as well as specialized Arri Macro, and Arri Master Prime. Thanks to our cooperation with MBF and ludwig kameraverleih, we have direct access and the ability to prepare any kind of film technique.

Phantom flex 4k-GS

The flagship among high-speed cameras. The combination of a global shutter with a 35mm format sensor which supports 4K resolution with up to 1,000 fps makes this camera a real workhorse with improved latitude, resolution and sensitivity.

  • A custom global shutter sensor ensures that every pixel is exposed to light at the exact same moment in time.
  • Switch between global and rolling shutter modes to take advantage of both scenarios.
  • Up to 1000fps at 4096 x2160 RAW.
  • Up to 938fps in 4096 x 2304 RAW.
  • A true 35mm custom 10MP sensor with impressive dynamic range and low noise.
  • Additional RAM upgrade doubles the internal RAM to 128GB CineMags and the on-board solid state memory allow direct recording into the camera’s RAM and nearly instant upload to CineMag.
  • Improved performance at standard frame rates.
  • miro Ic320 Its small size, great image quality, ability to shoot up to 1,500 fps at 1080p HD, and built-in controls make the camera an extremely fun and easy to operate high-speed video capturing tool.

A small, lightweight, and rugged digital high-speed camera with many of the features found on larger and more expensive camera models includes HD-SDI output unlike other Miro R, LC, and Lab models 2-megapixel resolution at 3.2 Gpx/s throughput which translates to 1380 fps at 1920 x 1200, or over 1500 fps at 1920 x 1080. up to 325,000 fps available at reduced resolutions. compatible with

Vision Research’s Cineflash storage technology. Direct image transfer from camera-to-PC and edit with Phantom Camera Control software. advanced features including an internal capping shutter, Image- Based Auto-Trigger, camera synchronization, immociate playback of recorded cines. PL and Nikon Mount.