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Maciej Thiem

He is a graduate of two renowned film universities, located in Lodz, Poland and Ludwigsburg, Germany. He has been running his own company, Mad Tree, since the beginning of his studies. This company specialises in the latest possibilities of film technology. Maciej is also a former lecturer at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan.

As a member of many associations, he pays special attention to the educational aspects of company development. He has conducted workshops with some of Europe’s best cinematographers – including Slawomir Idziak (an artistic cinematographer with Oscar nominations).

In Mad Tree he is responsible for research and development work at the company. He has always been interested in new products and is always looking for ways to improve customer service. He works closely with new customers to ensure they are satisfied with our products and services.

Project Manager

Michal Pelczynski

Michal Pelczynski is a 3D graphics and animation expert. With an official Autodesk certification in 3D Studio Max, Michal has a solid foundation for working with Cinema 4D, where he has specialised for many years creating 3D animations for the German company Kuberit.

For over 10 years Michal has been constructing computer networks for 3D mappings and large LED screens. In 2020 he ventured into the film industry as a qualified DIT (Data Imaging Technician), offering his expertise to projects of all sizes. His responsibilities include supervising data transfer, backup operations and ensuring that all footage is protected digitally.

Michal’s career spans more than a decade and includes experience working with both the Polish and German markets. With unparalleled knowledge of 3D graphics and animation, coupled with extensive experience in computer networking, Michal is a highly sought-after specialist in his field.

Project Manager

Plamen Bontchev

Plamen Bontchev has a master degree in Fine Arts from the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As a result, he is able to combine creative vision with technical know-how.

With expertise in motion control technology, he is a very experienced professional who has worked on high-budget TV commercials and led exciting workshops with students. He joined Mad Tree two years ago and found the perfect platform to unleash his potential as head of their motion control department – overseeing every aspect of camera movement programming and data analysis processes. Native speaker in German and English. Lived in Berlin for more than 10 years and knows the industry scene very well.