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Documentary 54’

The story of our two wild hearts mixes love, drama, adventure, and courage. Nature itself wrote this incredible script, no one ever manages to film before. The fidelity of geese for their partner is unique in the world, as sure that if one disappear prematurely, the other let itself die. Wild heart’s journey tells the travel of two geese who had chosen each other for life and must brave all the danger one can encounter during the great migration to the south.


Piotr Chara – world class bird photographer. He has shot for National Geographic and lived and worked in national parks. He specialises in birds science.

Clémence Thurninger – French cinematographer , graduated from the Polish Film School in Lodz (Cinematography Department). She has worked for 1AC on productions like Les Saisons and Oceans.

Tomasz Gładys – world class aerial photographer and professional pilot.